Wirehaired Dachshund Puppies

Kennel Ripenrannan 

My aim in breeding is to produce healthy, good quality, versatile hunting dogs for all uses!

Double mating! Puppies will be dna tested before registration.

Puppies born 22.5.09  5 girls and 1 boy

Mother:  Fin WCh Ketsupin Huomaa Minut "Iita"


Iita is a 3 year old hunting dog, she became a champion in work trials with minimum of 3 results. She has been hunted underground, mainly raccoondogs. Iita's last litter (born 2.2.2008) have been very good in hare and deer hunts despite their young age. Now the first ones have started to work underground as well, with good results. First work trials for the offspring are in start of May and we await for the results.

Father 1: Kirsikkamäen Lucky Luke "Luke"

Luke is a 3 year old hunting dog (underground and bloodtrack), he only requires  one more result to become a champion in work. Luke is a small 8.5 kg male and he is red in colour.

Father 2: Fin WCh & HCh Hihundin Ahvo"Ahvo" 

Ahvo is my own 9 year old male and he has been used as a hunting dog, mainly for underground work. He is a work champion as well as hunting champion and a wise hunter. He is the father of Iita's first litter and because the litter have been such good quality I wanted to try if I was able to get one female more of him to be my first own bred breeding dog. 

Pedigree 1

Pedigree 2